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Got drugged at a bar by a stranger/ghb

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I got my drinks spiked at a bar by a stranger. I felt more than drunk at my hotel bar and walked outside to get some air and at the exit of the casino of my hotel, a guy asked me to go to another bar to hamg out. I did it just to talk to somebody and I was drunk or drugged already. It was like 4am. There was his gay friends at the bar and i just happen to buy them drinks and meals, which is very unusual for me, and stayed there till morning time. I just talked to him drank. I dont know why I did but the guy askedcme to stay at my hotel room and I just let him do it because it was late and let him sleep in my room. This is not me. I was not myself. I was like a zombie. I passed out when I got to the hotel room and woke up about 5 hours and found that the guy was still sleeping. Nothing sexually happened. I know that. I knew I could not leave Las vegas on that day cause I was still drunk and messed up. So I extended one more night there. I did not actually realize what was happening. When he got up he started to drink again, played music and I did drink more with him. I am married and this is not what I would no normally at all!! I was awake but I was not myself. I felt likevI was another person. He told me I was goodlooking and I just told him he looks good and l liked him, i did not really like him that though. I just enjoyed his company.


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I do not buy your story of being drug You were in Vegas to have a adventure with another man and you did it Poor husband he married a s;


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