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Why is that the white population of this country isn’t allowed to organize in our country

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Yet these transplants and invaders can, like blm and the naacp, and other anti white terror groups, and illegal beaner think tanks. Yet the white population can’t organize and has no voice. There are no exclusivly white groups or groups that fight for our rights, yet spooks and beaners can march in the streets and spread there filth all day long. Which is ironic since they’re all useless leaches and nobody cares what they have to say.


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The whole thing with Segregation is it always leaves people out. - And ithis is all you have to keep your Party going they will always remain Victims. Liberalism NEEDS Victims. How else are they going to pat themselves on the back??

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Such sour grapes . . . you have the biggest organization of "whites" in congress, the senate and the white house.


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