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What’s his deal Am I just overthinking or should I stop seeing him

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So my niece, my cousin, and I met this guy who I thought was really cute at first, so we gave him my number and he gave us his social media info. Even though I started talking to him first, he began to text my niece. And it just kinda made me feel kinda like “wow wtf? Jerk” Because she has a boyfriend too. And they texted regularly and talked about personal stuff that me and him would’ve been talking about. And now that me and her have resolved the issue, they both don’t talk to each other a lot unless they meet because she knows her place. but now my cousin is texting him. Privately now. My friend even noticed they sent long paragraphs and heart emojis to each other. And it’s bugging me because she’s like my best friend her she’s not telling me these things, or telling him to stop, and she teases me about how he’s “my boyfriend” when he’s not. If he’s “my man” then why are you talking to him? And she acts as if she doesn’t like him. Me and the guy finally met for the first time at a party and although I didn’t talk to him that night because obviously he didn’t try talking to me before we met, he was staring at me the whole night. Even that my niece noticed. She knew what was up. What’s his deal?


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He likes her more and dosnt like u that much. Maybe he was staring at u because he thought u were weird. U can not make people to like u, let him text to whomever he wants, u re not a police there to tell them what to do


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