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Why is Trump vowing to save Chinese jobs from a Chinese company who’s going out of business because they violated US sanctions

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Did you ask him? Or are you someone who prefers to believe they have superhuman telepathic abilities? (Aka liberals.)

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Because that company buys a lot of parts and components from US companies.

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Trade talks are stalled between the US and China. President Trump cannot scare them with tariffs so he is now bribing them to start talking again. The Chinese government wants to lift sanctions on the Chinese company ZTE who sold to Iran and North Korea after the US government told them to stop to start trade talks. President Trump agreed. In other words, the Great Dealmaker is agreeing to Chinese demands so the Chinese can sell him a bill of goods later.

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Chinese real estate development in Indonesia with some Trump branded features.

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The answer is obvious. 72 hours after the Chinese government extended a $500 million loan to build an Indonesian theme park that will feature a Trump-branded golf course and hotels. Trump announced he wanted to help save Chinese jobs that were being lost due to sanctions ZTE.


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