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Would I be safer carrying pepper spray, a gun, or a pocket knife

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I am a 19 year old woman Also why did a question about personal safety automatically go to the politics section?


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personally i think the gun but that is me

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What a stupid question. Ok how old are you? Are you a woman, or kid? Guns are for adults who are trained, or taught. Carrying knives only invites trouble and you are likely to use it on some one or yourself. Only cowards carry knives. Guns are much safer IMO.

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Pepper spray, unless you know how to use a pistol and have a carry permit. In that case, gun.

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There are so many folks around me that carry pistols, and they practice shooting people shaped targets, that on whole makes me feel really safe...An armed society is a polite society...You need to move...Or arm yourself...You know because you are allowed to, unless you are a felon, then it sucks to be you....Did you know that if you are a felon you cannot have about screwed....


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