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Do Iibtards think free speech is talking on an Obama phone

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They think free speech is anything they agree with and hate speech is everything else

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Why do people on this website ask such dumb questions

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That the **** is an "Obama phone"? And why the **** are you still shitting on Obama? He is gone! Get with the damn program already. Or do you plan on going around the streets preaching about how **** Obama was 30 years from now?

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Obamaphones are a myth. The Lifeline program originated in 1984, during the administration of Ronald Reagan;
it was expanded in 1996, during the administration of Bill Clinton;
and its first cellular provider service (SafeLink Wireless) was launched by TracFone in 2008, during the administration of George W. Bush. All of these milestones were passed prior to the advent of the Obama administration.


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