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Tire blowout with car rental but rental agency wont let me exchange cars

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I live in Charleston, SC, i had to drive to Boone, NC to be here for a week, i am supposed to bring my rental back today, however i ended up with a tire blowout driving through these hills. I purchased the protection on my vehicle. So i spoke to a rep and she gave me the address to an enterprise rental center in Boone to get my car exchanged after AAA puts the spare on the car. I got to the enterprise location and they told me that they wont exchange it because they dont have anything similar to what i was driving, i said i didnt care what they put me in, just put me in a car so i can get home and they refused. So i ended up calling enterprise and let them no that im getting the tires exchanged and they told me NO i cant have the tires exchanged, smh, what am i to do??? Because i need to get home


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Drive it with the spare.


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