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My dog was attacked! Can I get sued/sue

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My dog jumped over the fence because he saw another dog. I then proceed to hear growls, whines, and snaps and look over to see another dog with its jaws clamoed shut on my dogs thigh. I jumped the fence and grabed my dog and pulled him away from the other one and then jumped back over my fence. My dog was overall fine, just a little blood but nothing bad and he was walking fine. I then cleaned the bite, and then jumped back over the fence to talk to the dog owner. I knocked on their door but no one answered. I ended up leaving my phone number and talking to a neighbor but still no news on the dog owner. I know my dog didn t bite his dog but I have no plans to sue him I just want to talk to him to see if he s plans to take legal action.


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Sounds like you need a higher fence.


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