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Help! i scared my puppy.

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Help! i scared my puppy.

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i was with my friends watching a horror movie and i had my puppies with me. one of them wasn’t acting too scared but a little nervous but he just laid with me. the other one kept shaking and climbing on my shoulder (she’s a yorker) and i tried to calm her down but she wouldn’t. she normally kisses me a lot and she wouldn’t no matter how hard i tried. it was really uncomfortable with her on my shoulder so i kept trying to grab her down, but i couldn’t get her down so i think my grabbing at her scared her more. when i tried to get her down it seemed like it hurt her and she kept getting really scared. she gets hypoglycemic a lot and she usually starts shaking a little bit, so when she did i have her some of her syrup that she has to have when she gets like that. she just kept getting so scared and i should’ve turned off the movie but i didn’t. i feel so bad that i scared her. and then i had to put her to bed because i kept her up too late. i feel so guilty because i feel like i was hurting and scaring her, and my other puppy too. do you think she will trust me and get through this, and do you think my other puppy is fine too? i just feel so guilty.


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she’s a yorkie, sorry spellcheck


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