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Can I give my dog medication when she’s in season

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My dog has been in season for about 2 weeks now. She’s 3 years old and has only ever had 4 seasons. Anyway she’s never really acted any different when she’s been in season, other than she’s a bit more needy. Last night she was so ill with it. She was panting non stop, really bloated, wouldn’t move at all and was literally sat in my lap, bearing in mind she’s a very big dog. I made sure she had water & all the windows were open because I assumed when she started panting she was too hot, but then I realised she wasn’t. She also had a really bad stomach (diarrhoea) and kept passing wind. I rang the emergency vets because I didn’t know what was wrong with her, I was scared she had heatstroke or had ate dinner something toxic but the vet said it’s most likely just because she’s in season, and if she gets any worse within the next few hours to bring her in. Today she’s absolutely fine, but I was just wondering if there’s any medication I can give her incase she’s like this next time she’s in season? I’ve heard paracetamol but you have to give them the right amount for their weight otherwise it can be toxic so I don’t really want to give her that incase I give her too much. Is there any dog medication? Or could someone tell me how much paracetamol to give her? She’s a 3 year old American bulldog & her weight is 30kgs. Thanks


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"In season"? Do you mean "in heat"?


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