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My step mom and dad just bought a third dog. I live in Minnesota is it allowed to have that many pets or is that an issue because Im worried

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They live in a medium house with a lot of clutter and my three younger brothers. They also have 10 cats. The dog is a husky they already have a German Shepherd mix and a greyhound collie mix.


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That depends on the city you live in. But I think most cities allow 3 dogs.

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Animal quantity laws are not state wide, they are municipal statues (or city or county), so you would have to research. City hall would tell you. But, what are you prepared to do with that knowledge?

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The cluttered house is more of an issue than the number of dogs and cats. There is, unfortunately, no legal limit to the number of animals, but their living conditions could possibly be the basis for removal of the pets or even the children, depending on how bad the situation is. It sounds like a potential case of hoarding.


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