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How do I stop my 3 year old dog pooping on the concrete

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My partner and I have just moved out and his dog keeps pooping on the concrete. She was never allowed to do this when she was at her old house and always did it on the grass. We have brought our other two dogs and they do it on the grass but she refuses to. She seems to wait until we go out and then she will do it because she knows she’s not allowed. Whenever we get home and she sees my partner when he notices what she has done, she gets really scared and runs off. She knows what she is doing but continues to do it. We’ve tried to wait and catch her in the act but she just doesn’t do it while we are here and we can’t just stay home 24/7. We have just moved house so we need to keep going out to get supplies. We don’t know what we are supposed to do? Tie her up during the day? She gets her nose rubbed in it everytime but still continues to do it! Does anybody have any ideas? No negative answers please. We are just about pulling our hair out.


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Remove the concrete


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