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How would you feel after shooting someones Dog dead caught in the act... of killing 3 lambs and maiming 3 protective mothering ewes.....

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I just did exactly that you see.... Meanwhile the vet is on the way to stitch up my Ewes and the Cops to collect the offending dead dog, and identify the owner of the unfortunate lamb killer also..... One very pissed off Shepherd


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I think your an idiot. Best way to deal with this would have been to take the dog, out in your truck, drive a couple of miles and give it to a humane society. They then could have rehomed somewhere where there are no sheep and the dog would not have been a danger.

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Mixed feelings. It was the right thing to do, but killing a dog is still a hard thing to do.

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Any dog running around wild like that is fair game to be shot, So I would only feel sorry for the sheep and angry at the dogs owners for putting me in a position of having to shoot the animal.


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