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My dog is terrified of scooters, bikes and rowing boats.

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We live in an area full of bikes (there s about 1 a minute no matter where you go or what time of day). The only dog walk within walking distance is next to the river and there are so many rowers.He s slowly getting used to the boats and doesn t react as much. The real problem is the bikes. There s thousands and you can t escape them. He pants, shakes, pulls and soils himself. He won t even take a treat. At all, if you put it in his mouth he drops it. When he was a puppy, he was hit by a kids scooter but he wasn t physically hurt, just knocked over. Now he s terrified of scooters but that s not as much of a problem. I don t know why he s also afraid of bikes. He s never been hurt by one. He s just scared. All the trainers say do desensitise him slowly and avoid bikes in the mean time. But the only way to avoid bikes is to never walk him outside. That s not fair on him, especially since he s so high energy. He doesn t walk well on the leash because he s waiting for something to scare him and he just ignores me completely. I ve been trying to tackle this for a year, with trainers. He just ignores everyone while he s outside. He loves dogs and other people and is extremely friendly, just not obedient at all. In the house and garden, he s very well behaved and knows all the basic commands and a lot of tricks and performs them consistently. Outside he just doesn t listen. I feel like if I can tackle the bike issue, his whole demeanour outside the house would be way better!


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