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What are the best groomers in or around the LA area that would be willing to work with a difficult dog

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My dog has always been nervous and aggressive when it came to grooming. For the most part I would take care of him besides the yearly shave I would pay for at the vets. Unfortunately they are no longer providing that service and he has become so difficult to the point where he won’t even let ME bathe him. I’m desperate because the longer I wait the more matted he becomes so I’m hoping someone out there could help.


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The LA "area" is over 4700 square miles, just in the City of LA it could be 50 miles from one end to the other, and 2-3 hours of travel time. Telling you a great one in Santa Clarita may not work for you if you live in San Pedro. The first place to look is your vet. If they no longer provide the service ask them where they would suggest. Beyond that ask around at local groomers. Look at the various reviews, and then contact a few. Explain your situation and see if any would be willing to try.


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