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Two questions on functions

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Two questions on functions

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And what are your questions? I see the image with a couple of a problems involving composite functions and inverse functions. Have you tried solving them? Where do you get stuck? For the first one, for example: f(g(j(h(i(-2))))) Were you able to figure out i(-2)? Did you see that -2 is mapped to -1? --> (-2, -1) So then did you try to compute h(-1)? Where are you having trouble? Can you describe the steps? For the second problem, do you know how to figure out an inverse function? The general steps are: 1) Replace f(x) with y --> y = -(x + 3)/13 2) Swap x and y --> x = -(y + 3)/3 3) Solve in terms of y --> Are you able to do this? 4) Restore f^-1(x) in place of the newly solved y.


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