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Stanford medical employee is giving out info from my confidential file out. What can I do about this

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When I was a teen, I used to attend monthly visits to Lucille packard children’s hospital for checkups. I used to be very open with my regular doctor there and would open up about my personal issues and secrets. She would always state that anything I would tell her is completely confidential. I’m 23 now, I stopped attending Lucille packard when I turned 18. One of the employees from a different department at Stanford somehow had access to all this info and kept tabs on it while I was there. She doesn’t really like my mom and just recently had a really bad falling out with my mom and decided to blab everything she knew of me, including about my sexuality which I hadn’t planned on telling my mom about. This among many other things that my mom knows about now was supposed to be confidential, so how did she have access to this? This is so unfair. What action can I take against her? If she’s capable of doing this, she probably shouldn’t have that postion.



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