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Will CPS investigate our family if my 10 year old cousin was exploited online

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My relatives are clueless about the web and don’t speak English. The little girl took advantage of them. She made “friends” on a strange website and it’s been proven that she was abused and at risk to a person with bad intentions. The police are looking into it and won’t say any more until it’s proven true. My aunt and uncle are worried that child services may be involved because they didn’t prevent it. However, they didn’t directly put her in danger with an intention. They just had no idea about what could possibly happen (and of course, my cousin never told them). Her school counsellor and administrator contacted them on the last day of school saying that she’s in an unsafe situation. That’s how they found out. The school heard rumours about her business with what she does online. Her friends claimed it true so the teacher had to report it.


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"The little girl took advantage of them." Really?


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