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Job isn’t giving me the pay they said they would

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When I first started working for this company, they gave me $15 an hour and said after probation I would get $19. I passed probation a month ago and have asked them several times about my pay but my pay is still at 15. Seems like they don’t plan on changing it like they said they would. Is there any action I can take legally?


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Probably not unless you got it in writing

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Yes You can quit.

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If this is in writing you can always file a claim for "lost wages" starting after the probation period with your state employment board. I was underpaid years ago by an employment agency who placed me on the job. They were only paying me minimum wage per hour when the agreed upon starting wage was much much higher. By law, I was told they were only liable to pay the me required minimum wage and the rest was a problem between me and the employer. filing a claim for lost wages with the state they buckled under and paid me the difference. Many companies hate these kinds of claims and negative publicity. Give it a try. Good luck.


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