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Why do people take the Book of Mormon seriously

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Serious question. Why? Whenever I find out people are Mormons, I usually ignore them. Anyone who would believe Joseph Smith (insert laugh track here) was a prophet of god, is not worth my time.


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Sure that is hilarious, but think about the sheer number of people who have taken the Bible seriously over such a long time. Mind blowing.

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Same reason they take the Bible or any other religious book seriously. You are free to think whatever you like.

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Ignore them then, as if they care.

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I believe the Book of Mormon because it’s true. Let me guess you are an atheist. You neither believe in the Bible nor the Book of Mormon. Too many of you atheists on here. You guys are boring. Next question. By the way, ignoring Mormons might lose you some great opportunities.

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Religion shows what weak-minded fools people can be. It should be renamed The Book for Morons.

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Why do people believe we were primordial bacterial soup that turned into sophisticated apes? Lots of tards out there I suppose.


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