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When do you know when to put your dog down

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My dog is a 15 year old maltese.. he is a family dog. He is blind and has back problems where his back suddenly twitches, from time to time. He is recently blind. Few months ago he had his left eye blind, now his right eye is too. I went to the doctor to have his eye check because left eye is very red. Like all of the cornea is bloody red. The doctor said he has an ulcer on his cornea. But right when I got back home my dad suggested to have my dog put down because my dog is very sad looking. I recall there are nights where he cries at the middle of the night and i dont know what to do...


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The vet should be able to guide you. Mine said when my dog lost his dignity. Or when in pain, not eating, incontinent, etc

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Like the other answer says I would go off the advice of the vet and not be selfish.

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i would get advice from your vet about whether he should be put down or not


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