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Do most LaVeyan Satanists simply ignore the second half of the Satanic Bible

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Seems every Laveyan Satanist says they love the first half of the Satanic Bible because it is about being a rational skeptical atheist much like a Richard Dawkins and others would be. But then the second half of the book contradicts all of that and teaches ritual magic and spells and the supernatural! Going 100 percent against what the first half of the book teaches so Laveyans seem to just ignore that half. Many actually also ignore the First 4th of the Satanic Bible the Book of Satan. So really most LaVeyans only like and live by the Book of Lucifer Section which means people that call themselves Laveyan Satanists only believe in and live by only one fourth of The Satanic Bible! And even Lavey himself admitted the only reason he put in the Book of Satan section and the supernatural magic stuff was because Avon books needed a ton of filler to make the book bigger so even Lavey seems to be saying that just the Book of Lucifer section is what Laveyan Satanism is about, So is this what Laveyan Satanism really is just that one section of the entire Satanic Bible? And the rest is just ignored or simply seen as entertainment or something to laugh at?


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To Anton, and eventually to those who followed his lead, that deity could only be “Brother Satan, ” a dark force, if not really a figure, that moves among people and becomes involved in their affairs. Anton developed a kind of FAITH that was the opposite expressed by Christians. It was Anton’s FAITH that by means of “black magic” circumstances could be changed in the immediate environment so as to create a singly favorable result for the magician, rendering escape unnecessary. Black magic, then, would simply be a new religion devoted to earthly matters: a badly needed religion based on the natural instincts of human beings. Magic in such a religion would be used to work spells and hexes, to invoke demons, and to extol Satan, lord of flesh and all material things. The purpose of the religion would be to conjure up the hidden force in Nature called Lucifer, Prince of Darkness, and other biblical names, and then to employ the power gained from it to benefit those followers who BELIEVED in the efficacy of the force in any form of the Devil which they might imagine, whether or not in corporeal form. There would be no fear or trembling before this force. It would be conjured boldly to enhance the happiness and prosperity of human beings right now here on this earth rather than to gain eternal life in some future realm. It would be, in a sense, Faust’s bargain with the Devil portrayed in Christopher Marlowe’s fiction, without fear of or belief in the terrible consequences. As Anton explained it orally and in writing, those were the goals that Satanists’ “fellow Americans, ” at least the most successful of them, were PRAYING for;
so, why not admit to it, Anton’s story of how he went about fulfilling his promise to Jayne was that amid a heavy rainstorm he drove, in a black hearse he had purchased, over the Golden Gate Bridge to Mount Tamalpais, highest peak in the San Francisco Bay Area. On the top of the mountain, amid the pelting rain, he spread his black cape wide and recited a soliloquy he had prepared, calling on his “brother Satan” to spare the life of Jayne Mansfield’s son. Whether you believe that story or not, there are some fascinating coincidences entailed in it. The pet black leopard that Anton had kept in the “black house, ” until it was killed by a hit-run driver, was named Zoltan. Togare was the replacement for Zoltan. The boy Zoltan had wanted to see Togare in the “black house.” Because that did not happen, for whatever the true reason may have been he wound up in Jungleland instead for a close-up view of a lion. Fatalists or individuals who believe in psychic phenomena will see that set of circumstances as more than coincidences. Realists will see them as mere coincidences. But Anton’s strange life was full of such coincidences. Zoltan recovered from his wounds, leading Jayne to believe even more in Anton’s powers. But some lion feces flung into one of the gashes on Zoltan’s body entered his spinal fluid, causing an infection that developed into meningitis. Again death seemed near. Again Jayne telephoned Anton. This time he responded by conducting a Church ritual for greater power, with himself and several dozen members of the congregation invoking Satan’s blessing on Zoltan. Whether you believe the ritual was effective or irrelevant, even the physicians who operated on and treated Zoltan were surprised by the boy’s remarkable recovery. At that point, Anton told me, he cut Brody off and gave him this response: “Just a minute. I don’t have to listen to this. I won’t let anybody call me a quack. It’s too bad you’re taking this attitude. I’ve tried to be pleasant to you, even at times when you deserved to be put down. But now you’ve gone too far. My power exceeds anything you can imagine, and now you are going to feel it. You will be dead in one year. Sam Brody, I pronounce that you will be dead within one year!” That same night Anton conducted a private but formal destruction ritual in which he placed Brody’s name on a piece of parchment and burned it, invoking the power of the infernal names and commanding that Brody be annihilated within the time specified. If the man had any redeeming qualities, perhaps the curse could be less destructive. But Anton could discern none in this “weasel, ” as he called Brody. Besides, Anton took what Brody had said to him as a threat to damage the reputation which Anton felt he had established as a legitimate practitioner of the black arts. So, no, there could be no compromise, nor even an undirected curse. Brody was to be wiped out, killed. After Anton invoked the curse, he told me, he called Jayne to warn her of the consequences. She did not appear to be upset. She told Brody to apologize and everything would turn out all right. Three days later Brody called to say he was sorry;
but Anton told Jayne it was too late. “I have to tell you bluntly, ” Anton said to Jayne, “you are now traveling under a dark cloud. So long as you’re with him, nothing will go right for you. Get away from him before it’s too late.”


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