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Can a tenant be biased and or judgemental towards you

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Well I m a truck driver and I m tatted up whole body except neck. So me and my wife where apartment hunting today and we called an apartment and the manager was telling us to check it out, that he s willing to rent it asap, that he needs it rented asap and no one has applied. So I pull up with my wife and right away he s looking at me disgusted, now his tone changes, now he s saying if we wanted it we had to fill out an application, and that he was going to chose the best candidates even tho at first he says no one else applied. So then he says have any one of you ever been convicted of a felony ? We both say no he says are u sure? We say no again so he looks at me and says "wow, I guess you can t judge a book by its cover I thought you had some" -___- then he says "its California law I still have to run a background check on you" I hate to sound like a ***** cause I knew what would happen with these tats but is this OK? I mean **** that guy I make more money than him, IMA decent human being I m just tatted and I feel upset.


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Tattoos are not a protected class... Yes he can discriminate for that reason. Its silly and stupid... But not illegal


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