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(Opinions needed) well I’m talking to my ex again... the one I tried hard to get rid of.. this is how our conversation went : me: btw I chopped off all my hair 🙃🙃 him: hey him: why didn’t you ask me?! him: you really did that? him:bruh me: why didn’t I ask you what??? him: you cut your hair off him:without asking me (there was more but this is the first thing that post popped up..) I’m really confused. I haven’t talked to him in MONTHS AND MONTHS.. so why is he acting like this??? Even his other friends told me like he’s never treated a girl like he does me.. like he actually is possessive and ****.. even when I’m not dating him.. It’s really hard to just stop talking to him we’ve been together for 7 almost 8 years.. No matter what we do in life we always come back to each other



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