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So this Friday I asked a girl out I had a class with in college and we’ve been on n off we haven’t been together just our dates have had a lot of time in between each one. I just need help deciding where to go and what to do Im crushing on her hard and don’t wanna ruin anything by trying too hard as I don’t wanna seem too aggressive or persistant I’d like to catch a film with her but that means there won’t be a lot of talking throughout it I just need ideas where we can physically talk more maybe be in a setting where we can have fun together and touch each other more to break that barrier where you can mess and play with each other physically instead of keeping a respectful distance. I wanna break the barrier and be in a comfort zone for both of us. Idk if she’s into me or not because she kinda lags to respond at times I understand work and school but I feel as if she weren’t interested she wouldn’t accept a date after this much time that has passed since our last one and so on. So please I’d appreciate ideas and advice on breaking that barrier with her.


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