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Tinder match hasn’t replied, should I keep texting until she does Or hit up her private DM on instagram

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I matched this girl last Saturday who lives less than 1 mile from me( I didn’t send a message straight away since we matched at 1 am, I had to work 5 am in the morning) So I sent a first text off the top of my head and she seemed really flattered afterwards we exchanged a few messages that day.(she first sent that gif,see pic)I just asked if she was free anytime this summer, now she hasn’t replied. I really wish to date her,I realized she’s got 5+ mutual follower on IG that I all personally know. My next option would be to get her attention somehow and hit up her dm( her Instagram doesn’t seem much active with her only having 3 posts being private) Thanks in advance.


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So now u re a stalker. If she didnot reply it means she does not want to meet with u any time this summer. Maybe she has a bf and was on tinder just to check how many guys will like her


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