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The technicalities of being gay

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Say you are a straight male, you meet this hot chick, go out with her, have fun, she is so hot, then she asks if you want to see her room, of course you do. The action begins, she turns off the light, you undress her, you undress you, you put your little schlong inside of her, in and out in and out in and out, you moan like a gazelle and say "oooh baby i love youuu ohhh yeah so good this glorious pussy of love". Suddenly she turns on the lights and says: "HA! Gotcha!". She is a he, not a she, you were ******* his ***, he is a tranny who is a male but dresses as a girl. Your reply is "ewwww". My question is, since you just ****** a dude (thinking it was a girl) does that fact automatically technically classifies you as gay?


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Surely the "straight male" would notice the obvious anatomical differences even in the dark.


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