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I recently got fired for missing days 2 1/2 days. I went to collect unemployment and the company is firing me.

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I was a service advisor and I was getting sexually harassed by another employee. I told my boss and he talked to the guy and it stopped for about a week then it happened again. This time he decided to move me being that the other guy made a lot more money than I did. I asked if I would still have these days off I asked for and he said no problem. A week before the 1st event they said I couldn t have that day off. I was a little frustrated but then they said I couldn t have the other 2 days either. I told them I was not going to be able to make it. They said they needed me that day and never replyed because I absolutely needed that day off. I had bridal portraits scheduled for months and it was going to be a cancellation fee that I could not afford. Is this fair.


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Fair? No. Legal? Yes.

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Sounds like a good law suit, if you can document our claims to have been sexually harassed and then demoted for filing a complaint.

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Depending the the state you live in, I live in FL and that is what is called a "Right to Work" state meaning a company can fire you for no reason whatsoever. While it may not be fair, it may be legal. If you feel that it was not legal I would contact an attorney about it and give them your situation.


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