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Hey guys so im a 18 year old guy dating a 17 year old female. So the history is my girl got out of a 2 year relationship in January (her first love). She lives one floor above him so they live in the same building. But he started talking to other girls, being a dick, etc as time passes by and they were on and off about 4 times. The last time, she had enough and didnt go back to him but he broke up with her. We have been dating for about 3 months and everything was going good for the first 2 months. But this month, she has a change in feeling. I noticed that when im with her, she is having a good time, being herself, etc but once she is at home where im not at, she doesnt know what to feel because she is reminded of him. When she walks up the stairs to her apartment, he might be there so she sees him or on snapchat because my girl has his sister added. She tells me she really wants to feel more with me but she cant because even though he did all those horrible things, she still lives him and cant stop. It got to the point where she said that she needs time to herself for a while and i dont know what to do. Ive done so much for this girl. I paid for some of her things when she insisted on paying for herself, we went to the mall, she came to my graduation, we even went to the beach just to have each other’s company. I compliment her in every way i can and make her feel wanted everyday. Even friends in her life say that im better with her than she was with her ex. I cant lose her


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Your roll is small till she vacate her apartment !


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